Welcome to online accounts view

To access your accounts online, please click on the link below



CURRENT USERS: Instructions to our Clients to View your Quarterly Reports:

Once you're logged onto the report section, you'll see:

1. Portfolio - choose Household (to view the entire household accounts) or Combined   Account Portfolio  ( if you're a single user or the only person with accounts)

2. Reports - scroll the bar to the top and select Account Review.

3. Date - drop down the box and select Last Quarter.

4. Run Report - select Printer Friendly and your quarterly account review will be generated for viewing or printing.


FIRST TIME USERS: Instructions to our Clients to Register for viewing accounts online:

1. First click on PLEASE LOG IN HERE above.

2. On the new CIR STATEMENT screen click on REGISTRATION.

3. Enter Social Security Number under SS and enter myaccess under the temporary password.

4. Click Next and then create your own ID and Password, enter your name, address, etc.

5. Then click Submit.

We'll receive your e-mail to approve you. After we approve you, you'll receive the confirmation from us. After that you can get back to PLEASE LOG IN HERE and using your new ID and Password you can access to view all your accounts.